Strive Outsourced Engagement & Proxy Voting Consulting Services

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Strive now offers Strive Outsourced Shareholder Engagement & Proxy Voting Consulting Services (OSEP) to institutional clients.

OSEP allows asset allocators to leave their funds intact with existing asset managers, either internal or external, while partnering with Strive to represent their clients’ voices and votes as a shareholder in public companies.



The Big 3 asset managers manage over $20 trillion and exert staggering political, social, and cultural influence on public American companies.

These firms use the money of everyday citizens to advocate political & social agendas via their proxy voting and shareholder advocacy that many of their ultimate clients may disagree with.

Creates legal liability for state pension funds, wealth managers, and other asset allocators.

Many boards and CEOs do not want to advance ESG agendas, but are pressured to do so.

OSEP Service Offerings

OSEP Phase 1 Consulting

Education Sessions Fiduciary Obligations

Assessment of client Investment Policy Statement and Stewardship Objectives

Development of Proxy Voting, Shareholder Engagement and Stewardship Guidelines

External Asset Managers Risk Report

Final Report on Progress Improvements to Ensure External Managers Represent Client Objectives

OSEP Phase 2 Engagement

Continuation of Phase 1

Recalling Shareholder Proxy Voting Power

Attending Annual Shareholder Meetings on Behalf of Client

Assessing Shareholder Proposals that Do/Don’t Drive Value for Client

Advancing Value Enhancing Objectives vis Engagement at Portfolio Companies

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