We created Strive to offer everyday Americans a way to invest in the stock market without mixing business with politics.

Many Americans invest in the market by selecting large asset managers to oversee their retirement and investment accounts. These asset managers charge low fees, but there is a hidden cost: these firms tell America’s public companies to adopt divisive social and political agendas that most Americans disagree with. Even worse, they cause America’s companies to perform more poorly by mixing politics with business, which harms the investment accounts of everyday Americans.

At Strive, we are solving that problem by creating index funds that deliver our message to American public companies.

Strive is an Ohio-based asset management firm whose mission is to restore the voices of everyday citizens in the American economy by guiding companies to focus on excellence over politics.

We cater to everyday Americans who don’t want their investments and retirement accounts to be used to push political agendas onto American companies. Our goal is to offer very similar investment options to existing large asset managers, at similar or identical fees. The key distinction is our approach to shareholder voting and engagement.

We take our fiduciary duty to our clients seriously.

Our voting and advocacy decisions are made with the sole interest of maximizing the value of our clients’ investment accounts – with no “mixed motivation” to also advance a social objective.

Our investment products do not exclude “bad-acting” companies. Why? Because we believe in engagement over divestment.

Instead, we use our voice and vote as a shareholder to drive positive behavior by advancing Excellence Capitalism in the boardroom – a new movement that leads companies to focus exclusively on delivering excellent products and services to their customers over all other agendas.

We aim to maximize the value of our clients’ investments by depoliticizing corporate America. Strive hopes to create a more unified private sector that brings together individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs to work together to improve the lives of their customers and shareholders. We also hope this creates a more accountable public sector where important political and social issues are decided by all citizens through the ballot box.